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Exclusive Jesper Jenset Q&A: “I have always been a boy with rhythm floating through my body”

Seventeen-year-old Jesper Jenset is a pop star hailing from Norway and he’s just released the perfect summer tune in the event you still haven’t found one: ‘Superhero’! The video was just released two weeks ago and it’s the perfect dose of summertime beauty. Shot on the beach in Spain, Jesper looks quite stylish in the video as he serenades a girl with his guitar. Jesper’s music is probably best akin to Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes, and in that same vein, he cites John Mayer as a major source of inspiration. The pop star first became a household name when he competed on Norwegian Idol in 2014 and since releasing his first single ‘Call Me Yours’ last year, the single almost instantly shot to number two on iTunes.

Jesper and I had a chance to chat recently about what kind of music he loves, his new single and how he got into performing. It’s a fun interview and Jesper couldn’t have been kinder. You can watch the video for ‘Superhero’ at the very end of our chat!

jesper jenset, baewatch, q&a, interview

 1. Hey Jesper, congrats on the new single ‘Superhero’! What’s the inspiration or idea behind the song? 

Thank you! We wanted to make a catchy/up-tempo love song that people would associate with summer. 

 2. What kind of video will there be for ‘Superhero’? 

We recorded the video in Marbella (Spain). We wanted to give the song a true summer feeling and therefore the white beaches of Marbella were a perfect location for the music video. 

I am really happy with the music video. As it is called Superhero, the video is starring me as the everyday hero of a gorgeous Spanish girl.  

 3. ‘Call Me Yours’ was a fantastic tune. How is your new album or EP coming along? Anything you can share as teasers? 

Thank you! Glad to hear that! I have been working in the studio with some new songs after the Idol. I am bit of a perfectionist, as I don’t release songs until they are perfect in my opinion. I prefer quality instead of quantity. I hope come out with some new music this year. 

 4.  How did you first decide you wanted to be a musician? I actually never thought about being a musician, but I started playing guitar when I was six years old and after some time practicing, I started singing songs. It has always been fun. That’s why I am doing it today. I have always been a boy with rhythm floating through my body, so music has always been a natural thing to me, and a true passion.  
 5.  Leading off of that question, is there anyone you look up to who’s making music?

I look up to a lot of profiles in the music industry. Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Jarle Bernhoft and Ben Howard are some of them. They produce music I’m really into, and hopefully will make more of the years to come. 

 6. Last question! Who do you have on your iPod that you can’t stop listening to?

John Mayer. I am never going to be tired of his inspiring lyrics, and wonderful tunes.

You can follow Jesper on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure you buy ‘Superhero’ on iTunes NOW as well 🙂


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