STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING: Austin Mahone will be doing some ‘Dirty Work’ July 10th

Future pop king Austin Mahone has A BRAND NEW SINGLE COMING OUT NEXT WEEK and I hope all of you hit “purchase” on iTunes when it arrives July 10th. The single is titled “Dirty Work” and will either be about more mature themes or about Austin working on the hood of a car. I’m not sure what to expect, but I am legitimately excited because Austin’s 2014 EP”The Secret” was glorious fun. He gave us the bop “All I Ever Need” which should be required first dance material for future prom kings and queens… “Dirty Work” will probably be just as great.

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As of right now, I really don’t know much about the single. Austin has been keeping pretty mum on the details, but he has started doing radio promo today. So I imagine snippets will be released within the week to amp up the release. Single artwork was released yesterday and my intense research on J-14 led me to believe that no one has any idea what this song will be like. So good for Austin for keeping this so underwraps.

PS if you want a follow from Austin in the next week, change your profile pic on Twitter to the single artwork as seen in this post and hashtag #DirtyWorkJuly10th

if you are unfamiliar with Austin, then please educate yourself with these videos included at the bottom of this post.


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