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Collect your coins because Jake Miller just released a surprise EP!

“I wanna start some rumors with you,” Jake Miller sings in the title track of his surprise release EP Rumors. Coincidentally there will be no rumors from fans over when new music will be released tomorrow at the first stop of his “Dazed and Confused” tour. Almost instantly Rumors has already gone to number two on the overall iTunes chart. It’s also number one on the Pop charts, gloriously uprooting Taylor Swift’s 1989. The instant success of the EP is a true testament to Jake’s devoted fanbase the Millertary, and his solid hold on digital pop music.

For those of you without sufficient funds for Rumors, NEVER FEAR Jake has gone through and favorited your Tweets so his Millertary can gift it to you. It’s only $4 though which is a sweet deal, when you consider you get five new tracks. The EP finds Jake giving us more of a party vibe than ever before: in previous releases, Jake appealed to us by being the sweet, everyboy who wanted a girl to know how beautiful she is. This time around he’s commanding you to “shake it from the club to the car to the crib” and rapping, “When that ass walked by I almost spilled my drink.”

The EP is definitely a change from previous material, while featuring the gloss and imprint of a major label (Warner Brothers). It will be interesting to see how this connects with old fans because “A Million Lives” this is not. But overall, it does sound like a nice bid for mainstream success and at some point Jake Miller is finally going to score a hit. We’ll see if he starts one on Rumors.

Pick up your mastered for iTunes copy HERE.


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