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THE BEST GIRLS ALOUD MEMBER HAS A SINGLE OUT: Take a listen to Sarah Harding’s ‘Threads’

In the aftermath of Girls Aloud splitting, Sarah Harding really endeared herself to me. She’s the one member who tries to keep the tides peaceful between the girls and she continuously supports her fellow bandmates with their solo endeavors (no matter how badly they might go). In other words, she’s a truly decent person. Also, her Twitter is a lovely find of positive Tweets.

For the past two years though, Sarah has been TRYING ME by teasing us with possible new singles and I had almost given up. Last year I speculated that the lead singleĀ could be a quirky tuneĀ called “L.O.V.E”., that with the certain amount of tweaking, could have fit nicely into Rudimental’s catalogue. But today, at long last, two years after the GA split, Sarah dropped a single that really showcases her rock side. “Threads” is a ballsy record that is entirely different from anything her other bandmates have released. The song is penned by Sarah with the help of Ben Cullum and Julie Thompson, and she calls it “autobiographical.” While the description of the song on Sarah’s site calls the single a return to her “pop roots”, I’m going to wager that this is a diversion: it’s a nice show of growth from Sarah, and it’s more Paramore than Girls Aloud, which is a good thing.

You can listen to the single below, and buy a signed copy HERE. Not everyone at once please!!! There are only 2k available.


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