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Fans are FREAKING OUT over who mystery boy band Topline is

Boy bands are very predictable these days. They look quite dashing, they release a song about how beautiful you are in your skinny jeans, and they jump around on stage. It really is not that hard to create one. So what happens when you completely disrupt how we find boy bands and eliminate their pretty faces all together?

ENTER TOPLINE: A new L.A. based boy band who’s names and faces have yet to be revealed. In fact their entire existence is a mystery. But fans have quickly risen together to create a fandom called Topliners (hashtag it; they’ll find you), and the band has reached nearly 70k followers on Twitter. Let me just take a moment to say: good job, boys. In a culture completely obsessed with looks you’ve created genuine hype over music and intrigue.

Of course the real questions is “WHO IS IN THE BAND”?? I am going to go out on a limb and be controversial by saying: Zayn Malik is not in this band. BUT a current listen to their teaser for “We Love It” proves the boys know how to have a good time, and will probably have thousand of fan accounts created for them individually once they do reveal themselves.

Are they pretty? Are they teenagers? Do we know anyone in this band? Will they soon gracing every teen magazine in America by 2016? I really have no idea.


In the meantime, please give them a follow on Twitter and leave your thoughts on who Topline is in the comments.


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