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Carter Reynolds threatens to kill himself after ex is placed in the hospital and fans attack

This poor, lost child.

In a series of terrible judgement calls Carter Reynolds went off into the deep end last night. Many Tweets have been deleted since then but the story goes like this: Since the video came out where Carter pressured his underage girlfriend to perform oral sex on him, he has received a huge amount of criticism. Carter has not taken it well. Nearly weekly he’s been writing subtweets directed at his ex stating he misses her, until last night when he finally wrote a Tweet directly at her. After a few hours of mounting fan pressure, the ex responded. Carter decided to hop on YouNow and talk very explicitly about his ex’s sexual history until she texted him and said the cops were being called. Carter muted the show and began to cry. Somewhere between now and then the ex entered the hospital for reasons unknown. She blames him for landing in the hospital. (The speculation is she had a meltdown or tried to kill herself)

Carter responded quite classily with this:

Things further spiraled when he started Tweeting threats to kill himself

I’ve noticed many people say that Carter is threatening suicide to get sympathy or attention. I hate making these assumptions so I’m not going to. What I WILL say is, I would rather see Carter take a break from social media and try to be a normal teenager who is not given so much power. There is criticism worth listening to. It is not all “hate.” And perhaps instead of reacting with extreme vitolic anger, he should delete his social media and take a break. Go into therapy. Work on the relationships in his life. And become a good person. Attacking your girlfriend on social media is never okay, but it’s particularly disgusting when you have 2 million followers and you’ve ALREADY been called out for this before. To many fans this sends a very damaging and dangerous message: that a boy is able to harass and abuse you but it’s okay because “boys will be boys.” It is never okay. What Carter Reynolds s doing is terrible.

Furthermore, public notice out to 26 MGMT and BLV Brands because I know you read Baewatch, WHY HAVEN’T YOU DROPPED HIM? Just A+ job all around to everyone managing and enabling this child.

Please someone with common sense and decency intervene before this gets any worse.

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5 thoughts on “Carter Reynolds threatens to kill himself after ex is placed in the hospital and fans attack

  1. Why is Carter doing this??? He’s a better person than this…. Ppl who r haters need to keep stuff to themselves, they don’t need to tell ppl oh go kill urself and etc… To all the haters out their in the world don’t make ppl feel bad about themselves and don’t say anything that is hurtful about them or anybody else. If u have something mean to say don’t say it all!!! I’m sorry Carter about everything that has happened.. ignore what other ppl say and listen to urself saying u r gonna kill urself., think about it really hard and say do u really want to do this!! I will always ❤ u!!!! I really hope u read this Carter and all the haters out there..


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