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Dumblonde are slaying the iTunes charts and coming for your faves

Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Aubrey O’Day and Danity Kane. Like everyone, I was devastated when DK3’s album was derailed by internal conflict between group members. But I held out hope. Aubrey and Shannon Bex, who had become quite close during the re-branding of Danity Kane, announced earlier this year that they would be forming their own group dumblonde. The early teasers given for the music were a mixture of disco and electro-pop. They promised something different than we expected, and a diviersion from the urban beats of DK3.

I was ready, but I was not prepared for just how DAMN GOOD the music is.

This past week dumblonde unveiled the pre-order for “Dumblonde” on iTunes. Preordering now means you will instantly download five tracks–the strongest of Aubrey and Shannon’s career. The five songs showcase the girls creating pop music that isn’t for the mainstream: it’s complex, layered and delicious to listen to.  I was surprised that I was in love with not two or three, but every single song available. I’ve said for a good year now that the girls are a force to be reckoned with, and it’s so great to see them following through with this statement.

Along with the release of the pre-order, dumblonde also dropped a video for “White Lightening” a stunning debut of artistry. The atmospheric and gorgeous video fits perfectly with the song. Essentially, Dumblonde picks up where Danity Kane left off: the album is partly a visual cannon with three videos included with the purchase. Additionally, it’s a highly conceptual album: the cover features the girls getting their wigs literally ripped off.

I realize I’m raving, BUT coming from someone who is very hard on pop music: this album is worth your coins. Get ’em together, pre-order the damn album and thank me later.

Watch the video and give the songs a listen. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

You can follow Aubrey, Shannon and dumblonde on Twitter. And also follow me!! Aubrey does too 😉


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