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Ricky Dillon EXCLUSIVE: “BEAT is my favorite song I’ve ever made and I think it’s my best”

Ricky Dillon has an excellent new single coming out in one week and you can pre-order it now for the very low price of .69 cents! ‘BEAT’ builds off the momentum of Ricky’s previous singles and while it’s a sure club banger, it is sonically all about the beat (pun intended). I spoke with Ricky today about how this song was born, and the amount of influence he had in producing it (hint: a lot). Not surprisingly, he’s extremely excited for all of you to hear it and will be dropping the video the same day. I’ve had a chance to preview the song and see the video and I can tell you, they’re worth the wait. Without giving anything way, I had to give Ricky kudos for creating a video that is original and unique to the song. It’s unexpected.

Read on for a quick Q&A with your favorite bae:

Q: Hey Ricky! Congrats on the new song! Your career is obviously very self-built but how much involvement did you have in the creation of ‘BEAT’? It sounds like it’s really pushed you compared to other songs. 

RICKY: The idea and concept [for BEAT] was my idea and this was the most of ever written on a song before. A lot of my previously released songs I either just helped write here and there, or the song was literally written for me. This time I actually wrote almost all of the lyrics. Swagga Bob and his team just helped me structure the words together to fit into the song. This is the most I’ve ever been involved in the song making process before. I’m so proud of this song and its super rewarding to hear it and know how much of my own work and creativity went into it.

Q: While the song is definitely meant for a house party or the club, what message or concept did you have in mind for it? 

The message behind it just derived from my love for music. I’ve loved music my entire life. I was in the marching band for about 8 years and played the trumpet, very seriously. I love it when you kind of give into the music and it takes over your body, sort of like a trance and you cant help but dance – [this is] basically what the song means. Its also kind of describing the different parts in a song and it builds the song up together. The meaning is simple but I love how its described in the song, the song is like almost describing its self in a way. Its like inception. 

Q: You’re somewhat new to singing professionally. How did you feel when you heard the song as a finished piece?

I’m very happy with my vocals on this. We created melodies that suit my voice very well. I’ve had some songs in the past, that again were just kinda handed to me, so there were parts that were too challenging for my voice and range. but this song was natural and comfortable for me. I love how I sound on it, and I sang it in such a different style.

Q: Last question! How do you think this compares to your previous work?

This is definitely my favorite song I’ve ever made, and I think its my best.

Grab Ricky’s single here! And check back next week for the premiere of the video with a review! Thanks to Ricky for participating in this story and being so insightful! Hit me up in the comments or on Twitter with your thoughts!


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