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Cameron Dallas and the Dolan Twins cause absolute CHAOS at Vidcon

Vidcon was this weekend. It was absolutely nuts. As far as I’ve heard everything ran pretty smoothly. Vidcon is always  a word class convention.  But perhaps one thing Vidcon was NOT ready for was Cameron Dallas and Ethan and Grayson Dolan (the Dolan Twins) descending on the convention and 2,000 fans mobbing them from out of nowhere. Details are murky–and I have done all of my investigative reporting on Twitter–but one thing is for sure: Things got insane crazy in a very short amount of time.

Cameron casually Tweeted on July 24th that while he doesn’t have a pass to Vidcon, he might show up to meet a few fans. A Vidcon account then cryptically Tweeted that Cameron might show and well, you now can see what happened.

Watch this video from Instagram: It is a sea of girls with camera phones, and Cameron Dallas floating upstream with security wading him through.

Cameron Dallas Dolan twins at #vidcon that escalated quickly

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A rumor was started the same day that Cameron was banned from Vidcon, but this rumor was also started by someone who actually IS banned from Vidcon for very serious allegations. (*cough* Carter Reynolds *cough*) So, no, Cameron Dallas was not banned. He and the Dolan Twins were mobbed and they had to be removed promptly for everyone’s safety. This is a very different situation from being completely uninvited.

I suppose my two questions are: A) Vidcon, why didn’t you invite Cameron Dallas and the Dolan Twins when they are arguably the most popular YouTubers/Viners for teens in America? B) Is anyone surprised that a mob happened? I mean, have we forgotten how insane teen girls are when their teen idols are placed in front of them?

Anyway, everyone survived and I’m sure some girls were given LIFE this weekend. So let this be a lesson to you, Vidcon, If you ignore the most popular creators more mobs will happen.


3 thoughts on “Cameron Dallas and the Dolan Twins cause absolute CHAOS at Vidcon

    1. Holy crap, that’s awful. It seems security had no idea they would be coming and were totally unprepared. That said, things would be better for everyone if we could allll just calm down 🙂


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