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Watch Austin Mahone do some Dirty Work in his new music video

Does anyone remember when Hilary Duff released her video for “Chasing The Sun” and everyone was like “wat r u doing?? You are a pop star, please stop this nonsense!” but she didn’t listen and then her album was sidelined for a year? (Breathe In/ Breathe Out  turned out to be an excellent album tho!!!) Well that’s pretty much how I felt watching Austin Mahone’s video for ‘Dirty Work’.

ALMOST. It’s actually not a bad video, but I do have some bones to pick with it.

Because the video for Dirty Work is actually really cute, fun and silly. But it does almost everything possible to distract viewers from the obvious sexual lyrics, until about midway through. And even then you have to sit through awkward dance sequences from middle aged office workers. Not necessary!

See, MY IDEA FOR THE VIDEO was Austin working at a car garage featuring dance breakdowns of him wearing a ripped tank top looking greased up and thus a new king of pop is born. The video for ‘Dirty Work’ is silly, not sexy, and for a song with the title ‘Dirty Work’ I’m almost disappointed that we didn’t get an edgier video. This could have been his moment. But I guess bby Austin is just going to have to shine it on for a few more months until he gets that well-deserved hit. Pop music, unfortunately, isn’t about being funny or awkward (unless you’re Megan Trainor). It’s about serving looks! With Justin Bieber slowly coming back, Austin is going to need a harder push and more support in the media. He also needs more money for better quality videos. If you’ve been following this for the better part of two years, it’s been a long road for Austin.  Cash Money better rise up to bat.

In the meantime you can watch the video below, and see Austin channel his best Office Space/ The Office impressions:


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