WORLD PREMIERE: Ricky Dillon gets into the groove with the new video for ‘BEAT’

Ricky Dillon just dropped his much anticipated single ‘BEAT’ on iTunes AND the music video on YouTube today, and within the last 2 hours it’s already generated over 26k likes. You may know Ricky from O2L or his vlogs on YouTube, but he’s been crafting some delicious pop tunes over the last year and “BEAT’ is definitely his strongest.

“‘BEAT’ is my favorite song I’ve ever made and I think it’s my best,” he told me last week in our interview. And there is a sure confidence both in the production of the song and in the video. As Ricky’s fans will know, he’s been challenging himself with choreography since his last video and ‘BEAT’ brings it all together. The video is a bit unexpected, too: Instead of taking place at a club, the camera follows Ricky through dark alleys, large city streets and finally finds a marching band joining Ricky.  “I was in the marching band for about 8 years and played the trumpet, very seriously,” he told me. “I love it when you kind of give into the music and it takes over your body, sort of like a trance and you cant help but dance – [this is] basically what the song means.”

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The video is by far Ricky’s best and most imaginative but it’s also his most concise. Instead of bombarding us with too many visuals, the camera stays on Ricky and lets us follow him through a very atmospheric world where the beat takes you over. I also have to give props to whoever chose the costuming for this video because the last outfit is pretty sickening. Ricky clearly had some fun in the jacket as he’s marching with the band.
And as expected, the fans have been responding with a large amount of enthusiasm:

And Ricky should be proud. It’s a damn good video and he really pushed himself with the concept. You can check out the video here:

Be sure to also buy the song iTunes for ONLY .69 cents right now! If you Tweet #WatchBeatMusicVideo you just might get a follow 😉

Hit me or Ricky up on Twitter  and let us know what you think of this song! And be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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