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Cameron Dallas is officially taking over Magcon

A few months ago I teased that Cameron Dallas was planning a massive summer tour. That info came from Taylor Caniff blabbing about it at a press call to other members of the press but he was a bit misguided. That summer tour has now turned into a FALL/ WINTER tour and it will be under the very familiar name of MAGCON.


So here is the good news and the bad news: many of the original “members” of Magcon won’t be back. Some have decided (Nash Grier) that they would like to pursue other projects without the label of “Magcon boy” following them. Others WILL be returning. In an interview I had with Sammy Wilk recently he commented that he would love to be apart of Cameron’s tour, and so would others like Jack & Jack, if scheduling permits.

So who will be joining on the road? You can almost bet the Dolan Twins will be added to the roster. Jake Paul will also probably be involved. With Cameron’s star power he can (hopefully) pull in stars with a larger credibility than the last tragic Magcon run. (Anyone remember that child who only had 7,000 followers on Twitter while fan accounts had over 23k??)

There, unfortunately, isn’t much more info available but as soon as it gets in my hands I will have it up on Baewatch!

Who’s excited for a new era of MAGCON??


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