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Joe Sugg & Caspar Lee are releasing a film and going on tour

Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are roommates and frequent collaborators who have just completed their first film: Hit The Road. The film follows Caspar and Joe traveling around Europe in a camper, and using the money they make doing odd jobs to fund the trip. If this sounds like Paris and Nicole in The Simple Life (the greatest series ever created, mind you) then you would be correct!!! But this film features British boys on a cross country road trip so there’s a small difference.

In support of the film’s DVD release–there will be no theatrical release–the boys will be heading on a small tour across Europe to meet fans. You can get your DVD signed at every stop, and if you are anywhere else in the world the film will be available to own November 22nd.

Tour dates are below:

29 November – London HMV, 363 Oxford St. – 11.00 GMT

29 November – Reading HMV, The Oracle Shopping Centre – 16.00 GMT

30 November – Birmingham HMV, Bullring Shopping Centre – 17.00 GMT

1 December – Manchester HMV, Armdale Shopping Centre – 17.00 GMT

2 December – Glasgow HMV, Braehead Shopping Centre – 16.30 GMT

Caspar and Joe recently launched a film company, Raucous Productions which you can read about here.

If you’re heading out to meet the boys let me know!


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