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BYOC: Bring your own cereal for Cereal Time every morning

If you’re looking for a lovely way to start your morning (or end your night, because YouTube videos are useful like that) might I suggest Charlie McDonnell and Jimmy Hill’s new series Cereal Time? The show is uploaded to YouTube every morning at 7 a.m. and plays like the best of BBC Radio 1 (I.E. when Greg James is hosting).

Every episode features a brilliantly designed set (frequently switched up) and cheeky games designed by Charlie and Jimmy. This week, for example, a variety of Halloween themed games are being played with both presenters in a new costume for every episode. The show is great for a variety of reasons, but my favorite is because it is using what YouTube does best: creating smart, witty free content as an excellent counterpart to television or radio.

Many viewers of Cereal Time will probably be initially tuning in because of Charlie, a staple of YouTube since 2007. Charlie has a devoted and longstanding fan base, but I was pleasantly taken by Jimmy’s ease and candor in hosting. The pair have been friends for years and the idea was pitched by Hank Green. As Charlie told Ten-Eighty Magazine at the show’s launch on June 10th, “The idea actually came from Hank Green, who’s the executive producer of the show. I was telling him how I was feeling a bit unsure about what to do with myself after finishing my short film project, asking for his advice on what he’d like to see me do next. Pretty quickly, he threw a few ideas at me for new channels, one of which was a show called Cereal, in which I’d ‘have breakfast with a friend and talk about things and do things’. Vague, but enough to go on!”

Charlie and Jimmy’s ultimate goal is that Cereal Time becomes a part of their viewer’s morning routines and is a breakfast show for the YouTube generation. The show is a breezy 13 minute viewing experience full of some humorous moments and at least one YouTube tag challenge every episode. You can check out the latest episode and the very first episode below:


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