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STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING: Alfie Deyes has released a calendar and will have a few signed

Always crafty and looking for new ways to make money expand his merchandise, Alfie Deyes has released a calendar for 2016. The calendar features plenty of artsy~ photos of Alfie and the YouTuber has been teasing that a few will come signed to fans.

I think we can all agree that Alfie is to YouTube what Joey Essex is to British television. There is really nothing substantial, deep or interesting about him but every year he finds a new way to profit and release ridiculous new products that will keep his brand alive. Society might be better without them, but teens love them so we’re stuck with them! For instance, how many Pointless books will we receive by 2020? I think if we can accept that Alfie is pretty much the absurd reality TV star of YouTube then critics might hate him a little less.

Anyway, you can bet your McDonalds meal that fans are flipping their shit over receiving a signed calendar from Alfie and while I have no idea how many he actually signed, it’s definitely the biggest selling point for paying $21 for a calendar of pretty images.


His merch store even has a Twitter account because, you know, there can never be enough promotion:   //

If this sort of thing interests you, you can purchase one here.



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