A lovely conversation with Scott Hermo of Boyscott

Hi. In case you were wondering I have a new favorite band. Their name is Boyscott and they began when a group of boys (and a girl) found each other in Nashville. Possibly the best description of the band is the following, as found on the band’s label page:

“Boyscott is a band to fall in love to, the soundtrack for a movie in progress, a movie about mountains and lakes, skinny dipping, sleeping head to toe, wanting, dreaming, and waking, the type of sunlight you can almost hear, the long drive back, how when you are traveling you wish you were home and when you are home it’s never enough.”

Boyscott’s music is dreamy and nostalgic. They craft great song titles like “Embarrassingly Enough” and “Blonde Blood”. They’re also signed to the best record label in existence Pizza Tape Records. (My good pal Noah owns it, but I am standing by my word. It’s the best.) 

The band is fronted by Scott Hermo on vocals and guitar, John Lewandowsk on drums (HE WEARS A MASK!), Ellen McGuirk on keyboard and vocals, and Noah Miller on bass. Noah is the owner of Pizza Tape Records and along with his sister Emily, who designs the bands’ album covers, they are creating some badass imagery and music straight out of Nashville.

I had the chance to catch up with Scott about how Boyscott came into existence, the band’s concepts and what K-pop star they most identify with for a collaboration.


Congrats on the debut album! How did the name for Boyscott come about?

I did the whole boy scout/eagle scout thing growing up and we thought a band of quirky boy scout uniformed college kids would be a funny performance aesthetic. But it turns out coming up with a band name reflecting a specific theme is very difficult and as I was putting so much time into the album I think someone just said, “ayy Boyscott” and we just went with it. Although I feel weird having my name kind of within the band name because we’re a band, not a solo project. A name alteration may be in the works, I’m thinkin Boyscott Troop 420 or something whacky.

The album was released on the label Pizza Tape Records. How does Boyscott fit in with your other label mates?

There are so many great freakn bands on Pizza Tapes and honestly it is insane to be put in a list with them all because we’ve looked up to so many of them for a while now. But I think it is for that reason that we kinda fit in. Most of them have been a big influence on us and I think how our songs have developed and finally sound reflects that influence quite a bit. Also most of them, actually all of them, are our really good friends so I think it makes sense in that way too.


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.06.08 PM

How did the concept develop for the album’s visuals and music?

At first, to us, it seemed as if our album was just one big mixtape of different kinds of songs. Some were written four years ago and some were written while we recorded them so initially it felt strange grouping them together. But after spending so much time on each of them together and re-writing most of the lyrics, we began to feel as if they couldn’t be heard in any other way. As for the visuals, I came across some really cool postcards at a thrift store that I felt reflected how I saw the album in my head. Then Emily Miller, a very talented illustrator who is also Noah’s sister, was kind enough to draw up an awesome collage of all the things the album expressed. Overall, we wanted the first thing we put out to reflect our shared love for the outdoors and all the feelings that can be found there.

Did you pull any inspiration from other bands while recording?

Yeah a lot actually. We recorded the album in my bedroom over the summer and I’d just met Tiger, from the best band in the world China Gate, and most of the people affiliated with Pizza Tapes for the first time. Tiger practically lived at my place, sleeping on a cott in my closet for two weeks at time, it was incredible. He would demo a China Gate song idea out as I worked on the album in the other room. Hearing Tiger’s way of building his songs and making them sound so full really influenced us all and totally changed how we recorded everything. He also introduced me to the magic of the wonderful instrument currently and formerly known as sleigh bells. We would also listen to and share a wide array of our favorite bands constantly as we all hung out, the most played definitely being Magic Kids. 

 Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.07.41 PM

Who are you most surprised is listening to your music?

Honestly just the fact that anyone is listening to our music is very surprising. I’ve had a lot of these songs stored away for quite a while and its crazy to hear that people are even listening to it and actually listening to it. Although we were very, very surprised to find our music featured on a Korean blog.

If you could collaborate with any K-Pop star who would it be??

Noah votes for BABYMETAL and I think we would all have to agree with him, haha .

FINALLY, what are your plans for the band now that the album is out? Will you be touring?

So we’re hoping to do a mini tour possibly right after New Years. If not, either way we want to tour this summer! But honestly I think we are focusing more on writing new songs. Over the week of thanksgiving we worked on a lot of new ideas. I hope to demo a lot this winter and hopefully record our next album in the summer again. 

If you wanna buy their music, Boyscott has actual tapes for sale on Pizza Tape’s website and they are on all streaming platforms/ digital stores.