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Azealia Banks has a new video for Count Contessa

Everyone’s favorite problematic bad girl Azealia Banks has released a new video for “Count Contessa.” I’ve learned to really enjoy Azealia’s music by acting like her online presence does not exist. What is Twitter??? She’s not on Twitter??

It’s served me well.

Anyway, the video for “Count Contessa” was released by Fun! Mag less than a week ago and while it has less views than a Marcus Butler video (dear god), it is still worth a watch. Obviously Ms. Banks is on a BUDGET these days but she is still serving body and luminous, gorgeous hair on the beach so it’s an enjoyable watch during the winter season.

I really have no idea when or if Azealia will be dropping any new music but hopefully a new mixtape will be released unexpectedly and we will remember how talented she is. I’d still take her over Iggy any day.

You can watch the video below and let me know what you think in the comments!



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