Dumblonde release remix EP!

One of my favorite groups to make it out of 2015 was Dumblonde, the duo formed by Aubrey O’Day and Shannen Bex. The group rose from the ashes of Danity Kane and released the best pop record of the year (in my humble blogging opinion). What made the effort even more impressive was that the album was released on a shoestring budget with kickass visuals to boot. The girls released four videos and every video was uniquely it’s own.

Capitalizing on the success of their debut, Dumblonde released a remix EP collaboration with HEIR over the weekend. The girls debuted the music at a skating party in LA on the 17th and performed the new remixes at Chicago Pride last night. The album is streaming exclusively on Dumblonde’s SoundCloud and can be downloaded on Heir’s SoundCloud.

The remixes are literally genius. Every song is reworked fully and sounds like an entirely new track. There are samples galore from Janet Jackson to” Tom’s Diner.” The album is perfect for summer and will be a great segue for DB2.

You can stream the album below and be sure to follow the girls on Twitter!


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