Austin Mahone releases “ForYou+Me” mixtape

I really, really want to see Austin Mahone succeed.

It’s been nearly three years since he last released his EP “Secret” and a year since he dropped “This Is Not The Album” (actually a mixtape), but he’s still plugging away. The 20-year old just released a new mixtape “ForMe+You” and it’s his most refined work yet. It really is a damn shame that Mahone’s label CashMoney has imprisoned the pop star because with a little bit of budget and refinement, he could smash.

“Love At Night” featuring Juicy J and “Better With You” show maturity and growth from an artist who started out with strictly bubblegum pop.  The mixtape is a slow burner, but well worth the time in listening to it.  Here’s hoping in a few month’s time Mahone will be free of his awful label and able to release music in the format he wants to.

In the meantime “ForMe+You” is an excellent example of what is to come from an artist who deserves to be free of the Bieber comparisons.


You can stream the EP on any music service now. And if you would like to support the work in the form of cash revenue, pick up some merch here.


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