Don’t sleep on CupcakKe in 2017

You can’t argue that rapper CupcakKe doesn’t have tenacity.

In 2016 alone she released three albums, S.T.D., Cumcake and Audacious. Her latest effort, Audacious, is easily her best. The album is full of vulgar lyrics, nods at her shook gay fanbase and over-the-top sexual imagery. But CupcakKe has depth too. “Pedophile”, a track appearing on S.T.D. about her experience at 15 with a much older man, is biting with the repeating line “Promise me you won’t tell.”

While CupcakKe has received recognition in 2016 for her shock value, it’s her work ethic and brave lyrics that I think deserve the most applause. With every album, video, and song, CupcakKe is upping the ante for how she can top herself. True to one of Audacious‘s best tracks, “Budget”, your girl is clearly getting a good budget due to all of her success. When she doesn’t have the funds to create a landmark video, she makes it funny as she did on the best track of 2016 “Spider-man Dick.” (BITCH BROUGHT IT for this song)

CupcakKe is also very inclusive. “LGBT”, a song dedicated to the gay fans, is a video featuring a very diverse LGBT community from drag queens to POC and, very importantly, LGBT people of all shapes and sizes.

Maybe what’s most exciting for me about CupcakKe is that she’s still unsigned. The girl has turned down numerous offers by major labels because she believes in herself and her vision that much. And she’s proving that she really doesn’t need a major label to make money. (She just launched a merch store and items are selling out). So thanks, girl for shaking up music, supporting the gay fans and releasing some BOPS we can get behind.

Find CupcakKe on any digital music platform NOW.


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