THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Kesha is releasing new music in a week

Kesha will release her first single in nearly five years on July 7.  The news was leaked by the app Anghami which has leaked several songs in the past.  The song, titled “Praying”, seems to be apart of a much larger project Kesha has been working on for the better part of a year.  Last week leaks of a music video came from presumably Kesha herself of a  new song titled “Woman.”  The video featured Kesha riding through a desert brandishing a gun and serving Joanne-style looks proclaiming that she is an independent woman.

The content of “Praying” is still unknown but gays over at the ATRL forums have been working HARD trying to sleuth up clues. What we do know is Kesha has changed all of her social media avatars to the picture above and she has been teasing a new album for the last few weeks.  As recent developments in the Dr. Luke case see him losing his CEO position at his label, it seems perfect timing for Kesha to finally be free to release music.  Also notable is that the dollar sign has been dropped from Kesha’s name.

In the meantime, who has time for speculation of what songs will be on her album?? My bets are on “Rainbow” must certainly but everyone leave your thoughts in the comments!


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