Cameron Dallas visits the Museum of Ice Cream

My favorite collaboration Cameron Dallas has ever done is not with another cute boy but with the Museum of Ice Cream.  I really have no idea what purpose this museum serves other than to take extraordinarily incredible selfies in and to serve bright, bold looks in.  Cameron Dallas does both of these damn well and the result can be found in this video uploaded by photographer Brandon Andre.

Cameron is seen in a variety of looks, all incorporating the color pink and an 80s aesthetic that would make Zack Morris SHOOK.  The video is shot in the style of grainy B-roll footage and reminds me of Lana Del Rey’s early videos. The shoot my favorite one that Cameron has ever done and it’s nice to see him playing with more high fashion looks.  The blonde hair looks especially lovely here.

Most importantly though: has anyone ever been to the Museum of Ice Cream or is it a secret museum only open to Instagram models and Kim Kardashian??


Photo by: Brandon Andre (click for his Insta) 


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