Charli XCX is dropping “Pop 2” this week; gays will be shaking

Charli XCX is set to follow up her masterful mixtape “Number 1 Angel” this week when she drops “Pop 2”.  Charli understands what her fans want and that is a fuckload of gay collaborations so prepare yourselves for tracks featuring Carly Rae Jepson, Cupcakke, Brooke Candy and Tove Lo.

Last week Charli Tweeted about the possibility of a mixtape and on December 7 she confirmed it was very, very real.  The mixtape is set to be released December 15 and features a sweltering 14 collaborations.

Charli has become a major force in the underground pop music scene in the last year.  She’s rebranded her image and taken control of a career that was nearly sidetracked by her label.  These moves have put her in the same legion of pop lexicons like Cupcakke or Brooke Candy who are self-curating their singles and visuals to cater to a largely LGBT fanbase.

Charli released “Out of My Head” this past week on BBC Radio 1 and announced the release of “Pop 2” in the same interview. “It’s the first song from a very real mixtape that myself and A.G. have been working on for the past couple of months,” Charli explained. “It’s called Pop 2. It’s going to drop a week from now but I might release a couple of songs before the full thing. It’s coming.”

I’ll be reviewing the album as soon as it’s out.  In the meantime take a listen to the Number 1 Angel mixtape below:


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