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Girls We Love: Lizzo commands us to worship her

Welcome to “Girls We Love”, a new series documenting women who are inspiring and full of grit. Each week we’ll profile a new female artist you should be listening to, watching and supporting.

Lizzo exudes sexual energy.  Her voice, raw, loud and soulful demands you to pay attention. A tour de force who effortlessly blends hip-hop, soul and pop, Lizzo is the one artist you’ve probably slept on since 2016 and for that, you should be ashamed.

I first discovered Lizzo on Instagram.  Styled by Brooke Candy, Lizzo’s style is as original, unique and outrageous as her music.  She’s ballsy and gutsy with her fashion choices.  There is no outfit she can’t rock and scrolling through her Instagram feed you quickly understand why she goes by Queen Peach.

Brooke Candy appears to be an adept collaborator for Lizzo.  Miss Candy brings out the best part of Lizzo’s music through her style: the gutsy, fuck-you mantras found in her lyrics and the blatant sexuality reflected in her beats are all apparent in her looks.  They’re a match made in aesthetics heaven.


But Lizzo does more than serve looks.  She serves powerfully independent, self-assured lyrics and taut beats.  Listening to her EP “Worship Me” is an exercise course in self-love.  The first song wants you to bathe in her sexuality. By the third track “Feel Myself”, you find yourself gyrating a little harder in your bed.  “Feelin’ like a stripper while I’m lookin’ in the mirror,” Lizzo raps in the bridge.  “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen.” Lizzo’s brand of feminism is empowerment.  Lizzo’s catalog is full of songs about sex but none of them express the need for a partner.  She makes it perfectly clear that she can get down with herself if no one is providing what she’s looking for.

Lizzo is just as loud of a supporter of human rights.  She’s performed at several Pride events throughout 2017 and is an outspoken advocate for women’s sexualities being their own agency.  One of Lizzo’s most used hashtags is #SexualButNotSexualized which gives her a powerful reclaiming of the sexuality she has. What I find most empowering about Lizzo is how unflinchingly herself she is.  She loves who she is and she wants you to as well.  When she orders the listener to worship her, she knows you’ll be singing along commanding others to worship you too.


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