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TGIF: Jake Miller wants to rock with you

My King Jake Miller has released a new single “Rock With You” with an album expected to drop in March.  “Rock With You” is heavy on the electro-pop base and is a winning gesture to Michael Jackson’s iconic song of the same name.

If you’ve been following Jake’s career for as long as I have (five years), then you’ve seen him go through many eras.  He’s explored everything from rap to mainstream pop, but his best artistic moments have come in the last year.  With the release of his melancholy, highly personal album “2 A.M. in LA”, Jake has taken the reigns of his career and become an indie artist to watch.  He may never get mainstream success but with songs like “Rock With You”, it’s hard to want him to follow any other course than the one he’s on now.  His hooks can rival a Bieber song and his image is better than any male in pop music currently. Jake is releasing visuals and he’s taking risks. It’s more than most male pop stars are doing, and it’s a good reason to give him a listen.

Check out “Rock With You” below and grab your tickets for Jake’s “Hit and Run” tour on his website.

Let’s get this to a million views, yall!


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