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Charli XCX is bringing Pop 2 LIVE to NYC and LA

Iconic pop kween Charli XCX is set to perform her incredible new EP Pop 2 for the US gays in March!

Two new Facebook events have been added for the dates, the El Rey in LA on March 15 and Elsewhere in New York March 18.  This will be the first set of dates for Charli in support of Pop 2.  Speculation has, of course, already begun over whether Charli will bring out any special guests for these dates and my money is on Brooke Candy and Kim Petras. Carly Rae Jepsen might also find her way over the rainbow bridge if she begins album campaign promo in March. (Cupcakke unfortunately has a show in Texas one night of the tour)

U.S. gays you better get your tickets and your LIFE!!


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