About Baewatch


Baewatch is one of the first blogs solely devoted to the power of social media celebrities, undervalued pop stars and trends in fandoms. The name comes from a melding of the 90s cult TV show Baywatch starring the iconic Pamela Anderson and the term “bae” (short for babe or “before anyone else”).

With teens having more of a say than ever in pop culture, Vine and YouTubers are increasingly becoming mainstream celebrities. Baewatch is a full advocate of these creators being pushed into the public and our coverage focuses on these trends. Please get in touch with the editor if you would like to know more or would like to be featured! Baewatch is written and edited by Braden Hixson, a recent graduate of art school and a full lover of all things pop culture.

Just recently Baewatch was asked to participate in Wizard World Nashville and is in a partnership with the Orpheum Memphis for shows aimed at a younger demo. This winter Baewatch worked with Sky High Sports to provide exclusive coverage and details on Taylor Caniff’s RV Tour.


2 thoughts on “About Baewatch

  1. I’m wondering is it true that Taylor is coming to Reno,NV? I just want to know and r the merch free when u see him or no? please email me or reply 🙂


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