Want a reason to see “Midnight Sun”? Look no further than Patrick Schwarzenegger

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National YouTube treasure, Trisha Paytas has finally begun her illustrious music career by releasing the future song of the summer “Fat Chicks.” She uploaded the video to YouTube last week and it’s amazing. I can’t stop watching. The video resembles … Continue reading MEGHAN TRAINOR BETTER GLUE HER WEAVE IN: TRISHA PAYTAS RELEASES “FAT CHICKS”

Tumblr’s #Blackout is the most beautiful movement of 2015

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Whenever someone tells me social media is useless or connecting with strangers over the internet is “weird”, I like to show them examples of the extremely positive ways social media has increased our self-worth. Today’s #Blackout day on Tumblr is probably the strongest example of recent memory.

A few weeks ago it was proposed by a Tumblr user to devote an entire day to celebrate black people in all shapes, form and beauty. The goal was to fill up every Tumblr user’s dashboard with selfies from POC and validate how gorgeous each and every one of them are. On the surface perhaps this sounds a bit shallow…. Until you read some of the stories that are attached with the selfies. For many people with disabilities, skin conditions or painful insecurity the onslaught of notes and compliments was overwhelming in the best way possible.

I’ve decided to let the pictures and words speak for themselves by posting a few of my favorite stories and selfies. I have so much love and respect for everyone who participated today. You all have inspired me and have also made me fall in love with all of you.

Feel free to comment with more!

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under pressure, logic

An open love letter to Logic

In case you missed it, Logic dropped his debut album Under Pressure last week and it. is. brilliant. Many critics are calling it one of the best hip-hop releases of this year. Logic has released four digital mixtapes in the past four years and in the meantime become an internet/ underground sensation. Under Pressure could propel him to mainstream success, but before all of that happens I want all of you to know how much I love him.



A week. Literally a week has surpassed since I found your “Young, Broke and Infamous” mixtape. But I can not stop thinking about it or listening to it. When I first saw you on the top charts of iTunes I thought to myself, “Who has one of the best album covers in the top ten???” I was so intrigued. I was captivated. Then I did my research. Continue reading “An open love letter to Logic”

Exclusive details on Cameron Dallas’s first movie “Expelled”


20-year-old Internet golden boy Cameron Dallas has been hinting for months that he’s working on an acting project and then suddenly it was released: he’s been shooting a film called “Expelled.” AwesomenessTV is producing it–which is pretty freakin genius as they are the leading providers of internet entertainment–and it is slated for a December release. Continue reading “Exclusive details on Cameron Dallas’s first movie “Expelled””

Bae of the day: Robbie Wadge


LISTEN, there are few things I love more in life than gorgeous supermodels who look like they could cut me with their cheekbones. Robbie Wadge is no exception. In fact, Robbie is probably my favorite male model and he’s also hilariously adorable/ has some really great fashion sense on his Instagram and Twitter. Robbie should be in EVERY AD CAMPAIGN AND FASHION SHOW POSSIBLE but I’m a bit biased. No matter what, he now has the prestigious honor of being this blog’s first bae of the day. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Men’s Homme.

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