Cameron Dallas visits the Museum of Ice Cream

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Fullscreen releases a “teaser trailer” for ‘The Outfield’; they’re lying

Last week Fullscreen Features released what they claimed to be a teaser trailer for “The Outfield”, a new film starring Nash Grier (recent LGBTQ ACTIVIST!) and Cameron Dallas. They are apparently very confused as to what a teaser trailer actually means.

The “trailer” is actually just a shot of Nash jogging into the field of a baseball diamond with dramatic music playing. You only see his back. Is it even Nash Grier?? AN INVESTIGATION WILL ENSUE FROM FANGIRLS.

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#20DaysofDallas has officially begun

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#20daysofdallas begins NOW

In a brilliant slew of editing, Cameron Dallas released a preview for his #20DaysOfDallas three days ago that was like a real life version of Harmonie Korine’s Spring Breakers. Overlaying outrageous visuals with soft spoken voiceovers from fans and G-Eazy’s “Tumblr Girls,” Cameron crafted the perfect teaser for his 20 days of videos. If this preview is anything to be believed, the series will feature wicked stunts, FILMING UNDERWATER, Cameron shrieking in every video, and eventually Cameron getting arrested.

“It’s weird,” Cameron says while on the phone in the teaser. “I don’t ever post on YouTube, and if I do it’s like one video every three months or something like that. I’m posting twenty videos in a row. That’s a lot.”

“I need to film a couple more videos,” he laughs.

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