One Direction fans are planning on releasing No Control as a DIY single

Perhaps you didn’t know that One Direction has an album out and a few good singles that have barely received any radio play. For this reason, 1D fans are banding together to release the fan favorite “No Control” as a single–with or without the band’s management’s support.

The project was started by four women–all over the age of 30, because ya know 1D fans come in all ages–to promote that the band has, as one of the leaders Sheena explained recently, “changed and moved on from the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ days, but the general public hasn’t been aware of it due to the angle being presented to them.”

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WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Wizard World launches premium subscription ComicConBox

Apparently through-the–mail fan clubs are back in again. Last week I wrote about the DigiTour’s incredibly awesome new zine DigiMag, and this week Wizard World announced their own through-the-mail fan club. Wizard World’s ComicConBox is a new premium subscription based service which sends fans exclusive collectibles, toys, technology, games, licensed artwork, comics, apparel, Wizard World Comic Con tickets, VIP discounts and more.

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There’s a Digitour Fan Club I was unaware of and it’s really cool


I feel completely inadequate as a social media celebrity blogger because the Digitour has their own fan club zine and I HAD NO IDEA IT EXISTS. But it’s true! And this month Hayes Grier is the cover boy.

DigiMag essentially reads like Teen Vogue with headlines like “Our Fave 5 Outspoken YouTubers” only instead of covering some It Girl that no one cares about, Digi writers are covering exclusively online celebrities. This is a very brilliant idea that I’m surprised no one else has thought of. Ironically for how 21st century the content is, the delivery method is 100% old school. In order to receive the magazine you have to sign up for the fan club and every month DigiMag will send you a magazine and free gifts.

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one direction

Let’s be nicer to fangirls: the myth about teen idols and fandoms

Teen idols are built on the same foundation as greek gods. These boys or gods are created by mystery, beauty and an untouchable mix of hyper-sexuality and ingenuity. The past two weeks have seen 21st century teenagers experience a common theme in legendary myths: tragedy. Or, perhaps more simply, this is the first time many teen girls realized a pretty boy can be a complete asshole.

In case you haven’t heard, Zayn Malik left One Direction midway through their worldwide tour “On The Road Again” at the beginning of this month. He claimed, in a carefully worded press statement, that his reason for leaving is to be a “normal 22 year old boy”, yet it’s become clear the real reason is so he can jump start his solo career. The fans, as you might have expected, have not taken this very well.

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Tumblr’s #Blackout is the most beautiful movement of 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.49.38 PM

Whenever someone tells me social media is useless or connecting with strangers over the internet is “weird”, I like to show them examples of the extremely positive ways social media has increased our self-worth. Today’s #Blackout day on Tumblr is probably the strongest example of recent memory.

A few weeks ago it was proposed by a Tumblr user to devote an entire day to celebrate black people in all shapes, form and beauty. The goal was to fill up every Tumblr user’s dashboard with selfies from POC and validate how gorgeous each and every one of them are. On the surface perhaps this sounds a bit shallow…. Until you read some of the stories that are attached with the selfies. For many people with disabilities, skin conditions or painful insecurity the onslaught of notes and compliments was overwhelming in the best way possible.

I’ve decided to let the pictures and words speak for themselves by posting a few of my favorite stories and selfies. I have so much love and respect for everyone who participated today. You all have inspired me and have also made me fall in love with all of you.

Feel free to comment with more!

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