EXCLUSIVE interview with Chuck Ragsdale of A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder

This week the Orpheum will be opening “A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder”, a comedy that recently won the Tony for best musical. The show comes midway through the theater’s Broadway season, and is a welcomed comedy. The story … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE interview with Chuck Ragsdale of A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder

Here’s what you can look forward to at Wizard World STL


Fancy meeting some WWE wrestlers, cast members of The Flash, Walking Dead, and Avengers plus the iconic host of Taradise? Then, congratulations, you can at Wizard World St. Louis! May 22nd–24th will be a nerd holiday for anyone in the Midwest who belongs to a fandom or enjoys meeting celebrities (that would be ME). My first Wizard World experience in Nashville was quite fun, if not a little overwhelming, and I WILL BE BACK FOR STL. This time, I am extremely excited to meet all of the random assortment of celebrities and to stock up on some cool merch for sale from the vendors.

If you’re looking for a good con to start out on, Wizard World is the best one. Read on for my picks for best events, celebrities and fandoms to be on the lookout for while you’re at the con.

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Disney In Concert is coming to the Oprheum this weekend: An inside look with Iren Zombor

Irene on chair with cello  cropped resized
Iren Zombor, Assistant Principal cello from the Memphis Symphony Orchestra

Ed. Note: In an on-going effort to spotlight local shows and events that will interest teens (some of Baewatch’s biggest readers), I will be writing reviews and features for the Orpehum’s Broadway season throughout the year. You all should know I love anything dramatic and sometimes outrageous. Enjoy a break from your smartphones and let me know if there’s anything else you would like to see me review! Check “The Orpehum” tag for more reviews! 

This weekend at in Memphis, for two nights only, you can witness Disney In Concert: a unique collaboration between The Orpheum Theatre and The Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Disney In Concert will feature many of Disney’s best known songs through live performances and clips from classic Disney films.

Disney in Concert offers the music that audiences know and love presented in a whole new way,” explains Roland Valliere, President and CEO of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.  “If you’ve been attending our concerts since the beginning, this is the show for you.  If you’ve never been to the Symphony before, this is the show for you.”.

Iren Zombor, Assistant Principal cello from the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, is confident that audiences will walk away from the show with a new interest in classical music–even if they weren’t aware that they’ve always enjoyed it. “People often forget that they listen to classical music on a regular basis when they go to the movies, go see a show at the Orpheum and so on,” she says. “They enjoy it, take it for granted and than decide that classical music is too high brow! What a silly idea. By offering this live concert to the Memphis audience which will most likely be mainly made up of families, we will entertain them and educate them by opening their eyes to what a treasure live classical music is to their community. I hope they will keep coming back for more.”

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wizard world, tara reid, st louis
BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JULY 14: Actress Tara Reid attends NBCUniversal’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour day 2 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 14, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Party girl icon and host of THE BEST TV SERIES EVER CREATED “Taradise”, Tara Reid is coming to Wizard World St. Louis. For any child of the 90s (me), Tara Reid was the bombshell and star of many great teen movies. Her career has taken a campy turn of late as she’s the star of the Sharknado series on Sci-Fi. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tara called the series “the best career decision I’ve ever made.”

Does Tara have any career defining performances? No. Is she still an icon? YES ABSOLUTELY, SO SHUT UP.


Cameron Dallas is planning a massive summer tour

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.07.34 PM
A day at the beach with Cameron. Photo by Brant.

There’s been a lot of teasing on Cameron Dallas’s Twitter about an upcoming tour. He’s been coy–like he is with just about everything he Tweets–but I do know a few details that have leaked, which I can share here. Along with the tour, Cameron is in the midst of shooting a new movie (as profiled here) and shooting tons of dreamy photos with Bryant (who I am convinced has the nicest job in the world). Two days ago Cameron unleashed a few of these photos on Instaggram and came close to breaking the website. I’m sure all of you know about this already, so let’s move on to the gossip!

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Jacob Whitesides announces February tour!

Hey ladies (girls), Jacob Whitesides will be on tour just in time for Valentines Day! Unfortunately for all of you, no date will happen on Valentines Day. But if you live in Memphis or Knoxville you will be able to see him before and after the day and might even get a cute Valentines Day selfie for the lovely price of $125.

Many of you probably know Jacob from his days at Magcon or from arguing with several members of Magcon, but he’s been touring like crazy over the past year and is turning into a slow burning success. I may or may not be reporting from the Memphis date but if you happen to attend any tour stop then please shoot me a comment or email and let me know how it goes! I would imagine it will be mass pandemonium so prepare.

The tour kicks off in Memphis February 13th and will end after 11 dates. Keep reading for a full list of dates below! PS If you attend the New Daisy Show be sure to take in the new surroundings! It’s been completely redone and looks beautiful~~ (or so I’m told)  Continue reading “Jacob Whitesides announces February tour!”

Surprise! Taylor Caniff announces 2015 RV tour dates


Fans of Taylor Caniff found that Christmas came a little early this week. After abruptly ending the tour in November so Taylor could have a month off at home, he announced Monday that the tour will be resuming on January 6th in Lakewood, Ohio.

For those of you who have been following the RV tour for a while now, you’ll know that details about the tour are never fully cemented until the very last minute. But what we do know is this: tickets for every date are $20. This will get you a signed poster and a picture with Taylor. Merchandise will be available at every stop (including handmade tie-dyed sweatshirts/tshirts) and you are encouraged to buy it because it helps Taylor out with lodging and travel. If you are a mom and reading this (I know there are many of you), my advice is the following: arrive by 3 pm for every stop. Most every tour date, unless otherwise noted is held at the sponsor venue Sky High Sport. The line will move fast. Please brace your daughter for a very fast experience. Tell her to enjoy and cherish her selfie because Taylor will not be having a long conversation with her.

A few tips directly from Sky High Sports:

  • Meet and Greet starts at 5:00pm and ends at 9:00pm
  • $20 per person (includes an autographed poster)
  • No Outside Food or Drink – Snack bar will be available
  • Facility will remain open to the public
  • Dress according to weather- most of the line will be outside of the building

Now on to the dates! As always, if you have any questions leave them in the comments.

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