Why Connor Franta’s coming out video is so important

I’ve been waiting on this news all year.

Yesterday in an extremely honest and heartfelt video, Connor Franta came out as gay. To many observant fans, this is not a huge shock. There had been whispers all year but a respectfulness was kept in the YouTube community. When Connor did come out yesterday it was on his own terms.

I was not expecting to be so moved by Connor’s story. I’ve seen many coming out story videos but none of them were so identical to my experience.  There were moments in his video that hit me so hard. And I am sure for thousands of other gays and lesbians they felt similarly.

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iamamiwhoami releases a truly bizarre, lush preview for new album “BLUE”

Picture 6

I always think of iamamiwhoami as the product of Ellie Goulding and BBC Earth having a baby. All of her videos feature breathtaking shots of desolate places in the world and she typically resembles an alien who crashed into earth wearing haute couture. I actually quite like her for it.

For a while I remember everyone trying to figure out who iamamiwhoami is; she was a mysterious, unknown figure in pop music who sent journalists packages of her blonde hair (with accompanying videos). There was even a rumor that she was Christina Aguilera re-inventing herself as a commentary on pop music after the massacre of “Bionic.” Eventually it was revealed that iamamiwhoami was not a popstar we were familiar with but unknown Swedish musician Jonna Lee. (Brilliant marketing scheme, if there ever was one)

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