Jake Miller is touring next year and you should snatch a ticket

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Is Lady Gaga approaching her imperial era?


The past two years have, admittedly, been very frustrating for Lady Gaga and her fans. Five years ago she was untouchable; a blueprint for the 21st century popstar. Equally parts campy and sexy, Gaga’s music may have not been that cutting edge but her image was. And then Gaga bought into her own fame. The same characteristics she was criticizing in her first album ended up being her down fall. Perhaps Gaga was never that creative, I began to wonder. Surely she was talented–she has a great voice–but her ideas seemed stale and overwrought. Without the creative team of Haus of Dada behind her, Gaga seemed floundering to create the magic and shock value that fueled her career at first.

Artpop, in the nicest critique possible, is a beautiful mess. Listening to it a year later, I appreciate the hard electronic sounds; at times it’s brilliant with “Sexxx Dreams”, but mostly it’s overblown. Gaga wanted to make it clear that she didn’t give a fuck about mainstream appreciation with Artpop, yet most of 2013 found Gaga frantically searching for ways to compete with Katy Perry. It was disappointing and all together frustrating to watch a popstar who was once so poised become so unhinged. (Equally ironic, Madonna seems to be in the same tailspin with Rebel Heart. Perhaps this is much needed karma after Madonna helped in ending Gaga’s reign for a bit)

Every singer has a moment where their career seems to be floundering. Some never seem to recover (Christina Aguilera) and others find their way back despite themselves (Britney Spears and Madonna). It’s safe to say Gaga has been in that phase for two years. But then, the Academy Awards happened.

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